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Nuts are an important part of a balanced diet. Among them are the Walnuts, which are highly celebrated in the kingdom of Nuts. They are said to have originated in the Mediterranean and Central Islands but widely cultivated in India, China and Persia. Walnut benefits in Culinary and Medicinal purposes were long recognized in many countries. They are one of the most popular ingredients added to salads, desserts and even gravies. Apart from adding an element of crunch, Walnuts also offer high amounts of nutrition like Omega-23 fatty acids, Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc. Let’s delve a little deeper to learn about the various health benefits of Walnuts.

A walnut technically is not a nut. It is a seed of a drupe, which bears a hard, brown outer shell. The shell has 2 segments and rarely 3, which when opened reveal brain like Kernels. They are mildly sweet in taste with a bitter undertone. The importance of walnut is well-known to the medical and beauty world, which makes it so popular.

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There are 3 basic types of Walnuts available in the global market:

Walnuts are one of the best sources of many important nutrients. These nuts are laden with good cholesterol, essential for promoting a healthy heart. Studies show that regular consumption of Walnuts has reduced the risks of Heart problems by a significant percentage. Besides that, Walnuts are also good for aiding in weight loss and dealing with a number of ailments.Here we enlisted 19 best health benefits of akhrot. Let’;s have a look into them.

The benefits of Walnuts for weight loss aspirants make them one of the most popular foods. These nuts help in managing weight since the omega fats in it help with good causes. Along with that, you have protein and fibre as well, which helps bring down weightaccent pillow case baby burlap housewarming gift, when walnuts are consumed in moderation. Most dietitians and fitness trainers recommend having a healthy portion of Walnuts regularly to curb hunger cravings.

Insomnia can be treated, yes you read that right. Walnuts can help with sleep disorders too since they have melatonin which is a hormone. Melatonin is known to regularize sleep patterns and to bring in sleep on equal amounts too. This is why chewing walnuts in the evening would be good. Go guilt-free and snack on it.

For lovely hair, walnut is known to be a hair food. Walnuts have B7 in them, which is the reason for hair being long and strong, and hair fall would be reduced too. Sources say, even hair growth is possible when walnuts are added in the daily meal. This is one of the best uses of Walnuts.

Walnut benefits for the heart are quite known to the doctors. This is because walnuts have omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants in it, which help fight issues that plague the heart. We all know how omega fats can also help combat LDL and cholesterol levels in the body, and enhance the existence of HDL or good cholesterol too, hence snack on walnuts darlings.

Akhrot benefits for diabetic patients, especially for those who suffer from type 2 diabetes. Walnuts have shown good results in regulating the blood sugar levels and also keeping the LDL percentage in check. Though walnuts are high in Calories, taking them in recommended quantities is sure to help you deal with diabetes.

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Walnut benefits for men are too good to believe! Good semen quality with a handful of walnuts is possible. Walnuts, therefore, help in improving sperm quality, that includes taking care of its vitality, motility and morphology. Akhrot aid in an increased swimming capability of the sperm along with a considerable increase in their size and shape. Walnuts are also known to improve the sex drive. They are indeed a blessing in terms of fertility for the men. It results in improved reproductive health for men. 75 grams of walnut a day will do the magic.

Using Walnut for a moisturized skin is a well-known secret in the beauty world. This is because there is plenty of Vitamin E, A in it along with anti-oxidants that help the skin fight against the damages created by free radicals. By consuming Walnuts regularly, you can attain younger, fresher looking skin. Making a Walnut face mask or using it in the form of scrub can make your skin glow with radiance

Walnuts are wonderful for your brain by stimulating its functions. As per the latest research, Walnuts are also said to prevent Alzheimer’;s and Dementia. Walnuts are loaded with anti-oxidants which can reduce the oxidative stress on your brain cells, leading to their malfunction. Taking walnuts regularly can delay the signs of these deadly diseases.

The health benefits of Walnuts are numerous. Walnuts help you live a long life, and it keeps the body free from cardiovascular diseases, dementia, and Alzheimer, free radical damages leading to cancer and tumours and more. The neuroprotective compounds like vitamin E, melatonin etc. have a bearing on the health of the brain.

The Amino Acids L-ARGININE that are in rich quantity in walnuts, when eaten the flow hard in our blood vessels. It is then converted into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a compound that dilates the blood vessels. And directly makes your blood flow fast to all our muscles. The vitamin E in walnuts is gamma-tocopherol kind that helps to protect the prostate cells from cancer.

The saturated fats in walnuts help the arteries be flexible and keep them tamping down inflammation. Not less, walnuts also supply a major part of manganese and copper minerals that help destroy the radicals that breakdown cells and premature ageing.

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Walnuts are also considered as high energy nuts. Walnuts are full of energy. 100g of walnuts contains about 654 kcal of energy, which is quite a high number of energy. Therefore, walnuts help much to children very active in sportsmanship. The energy, children get from walnuts is very helpful in keeping them sporty, as the blood molecules flow fast because of the minerals available from walnuts. Whereas babies that are under one year of age are not advised to intake walnuts because of its rich ingredients may become more for the baby’;s digestive system.

Walnuts are very rich in minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, Calcium, phosphorus, zinc. With the richness of these minerals, bones get high support from the calcium and magnesium, whereas haemoglobin always would be at its best because of the iron minerals. Potassium is always a better electrolytic than sodium and Digestion, formation for protein, repairing of cells, and various other biochemical reactions that happen in the human body. It is one of the best walnuts health benefits.

Walnuts contain a good source of vitamins. The energy level of children boosts with the help of the large supply of various vitamins provided by walnuts. Walnuts have Vitamin-C, E, A, K, Foliate, thiamine, niacin in good proportion. All these vitamins help in their particular specific specialities. Vitamin-C helps in improving the child’;s immunity. Thiamine is very good proven for converting carbohydrates into energy. And niacin helps in various other metabolic activities in the human body.

Walnuts are so good for adult people as well. You can say it can prove to be a blessing for age sick people. Many people suffer from aching joints after a particular age. Walnuts contain fibre that is very helpful in curing osteoarthritis by reducing overweight and inflammation reduction. Daily consumption of an ounce full of walnuts in the morning and on an empty stomach helps in reducing obesity and indirectly become a cure for people who suffer from arthritis conditions.

One of the key benefits of eating Walnuts is reducing high blood pressure. Walnuts offer good cholesterol to the body and lower the bad cholesterol or LDL levels. This result in unclogging the arterial walls and widening the passage. The blood flow rate is restored to normalcy, which prevents heart disorders.

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Walnuts are rich in anti-oxidants which are known to fight Cancer cells. Walnuts are also one of the highly studied nuts for slowing down Cancer growth. They are a rich source of phytochemicals and polyphenols, which have anti-inflammatory properties. These agents are known to prevent many types of Cancers.

Walnuts are one of the best brain foods available naturally. These are laden with a concentrated DHA, one type of Omega-fatty acid. Along with adults, Walnuts also benefits in cognitive development in babies and young children. A walnut-rich diet can help in delaying the cognition loss in senior people. This is one of the major advantages of Walnuts.

Walnut is a natural anti-dandruff agent, which can prevent dry and flaky skin. It is high in Zinc, which can reduce the effect of yeast infections on your scalp. The fatty acids present in walnuts can moisturize your scalp and reduce patchiness. Make a paste of walnut and mix it with yoghurt to apply as a hair mask. This is one of the best Walnut benefits for hair.

Walnuts are rich in Selenium, which is known to reduce baldness caused due to hair loss. Another important agent present in Walnuts is Biotin, which can strengthen your tresses and prevent them from falling. Regular consumption of walnuts can help you flaunt voluminous, shiny tresses.

Not just walnuts, but most of the nuts are soaked overnight or for a few hours before eating them. The reason is simple. Soaking breaks down the phytic acid so that it absorbs well. These nuts are also known to have abundant enzyme inhibitors. Therefore, dry nuts or unsoaked nuts are harder to digest. However, when you soak them, the enzymes are neutralized to ensure proper digestion.

The other reason why they are soaked is to get rid of the harmful chemicals present in the peels that can be fatal to the body. However, the nuts do not lose their nutritional value even if they are soaked.

Here is how you can eat Soaked Walnuts.

Listed below are some of the side effects that arise from eating Walnuts:

Now that you have understood the health benefits of Walnuts, it’s time to put them to use. Walnuts are one of the best gifts of nature to mankind. If you don’t like the oily taste of walnuts, so be it! Try them in your salads or soups and even in your dips to camouflage its flavour. There are numerous recipes on the internet to use Walnuts creatively. So, time to switch to something healthy. Time to eat some Walnuts.

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