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Start the New Year off by going green with your dead Christmas tree. Rather than just dumping it next to your bin and hoping the bin men will take it away for you, there's other ways it can be put to good use. ?


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Cut the branches into small pieces, if your tree is dead just take it outside and shake the needles offaccent pillow case baby burlap housewarming gift, and use them as a mulch for your garden. It doesn’t matter if they are brown or green they'll do the trick of slowly rotting down while helping to protect the plants. ?

Natural Habitat for Pond Life

If you have a large pond consider using your Christmas tree as a habitat and food for fish and pond life. It provides a natural habitat that will decompose over time. ?


If you had a large tree you can use the trunk as drinks coasters. A little DIY project that will remind you of the festive season all year round. ?

Fire Pit Fuel

It's fine to cut up your tree and use it as fuel for your outdoor fire pit, gently does it though as dead needles burst into flames instantaneously; but don't use it on an indoor fire as the quick to ignite branches and needles can cause chimney fires from the resin. ?


Recycle Torrance Remove all the decorations and take your used tree to the local recycling point, where it will be used as landfill or mulch. For more inspiration then why not browse through our Christmas Shop.

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Every Easter as a kid, my sisters and I would put together an Easter egg tree for the house. This consisted of us spending a whole afternoon blowing the yolks out of eggs, dyeing them, and then decorating a small tree (aka a branch) for the dining room table. This year I wanted to put a modern touch to the classic Easter egg tree, by turning it into a wall hanging. Whether you celebrate Easter or not, this is a fun way to welcome the coming of spring.