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There are about a million ways you can hold your baby. There are strollers, wraps, slings, hip seat carriers and - their favorite spot - in your arms. Multitasking while on the go is tough, but it can be made a lot easier with carriers. With the wealth of options available, it can be hard to decide which one you want to go with; or what might ultimately be best for you and your baby.

One of the best purchases you can make for your baby is a hip seat carrier. They are shown to be much more beneficial for babies than strollers, as well as promote mental development. Not only are strollers large that leave a large ecological footprint, but studies have shown that strollers in which your baby faces away from you might do more harm than good. Instead, babies who are carried in a carrier close to mom or dad are shown to cry less, as it promotes bonding and healthy digestion. This means less upset tummies and less crying breakdowns when you’re trying to go about your day with your baby! In addition, they take up much less space in crowded areas like airports, museums or grocery stores. One of the best quotes we’ve heard is, “I can’t believe what a difference the hip wedge makes, you can immediately feel the support to your backaccent pillow case baby burlap housewarming gift, as opposed to a traditional soft carrier. It was like finding the right bra for the first time, comfort, support, and freedom” Hip seat carriers also offer two free hands for mom or dad, which is especially golden if you have more than one child. Our carriers also encourage healthy mental and emotional development for the child. This is because while your baby is close to you, he or she isn’t so worried about it’s need for warmth and comfort. It can be distracting for your baby, and cause crying fits. Instead, your baby can focus more on his or her surroundings and learn about their environment. Toddlers also benefit greatly from a hip seat carrier, since they are able to interact with you at eye-level instead of being far away from earshot in a outward-facing stroller.

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The Ecleve Pulse Ultimate Comfort Hip Seat Carrier

The Ecleve Pulse Ultimate Comfort Hip Seat Carrier allows you to comfortably carry your child close to you from infancy to toddler years, thanks to our innovative hip wedge support seat. Unlike other outward facing and back carriers, Ecleve Pulse features a detachable hip seat which distributes baby’s weight evenly, thus easing back and shoulder pressure for the parent. With 9 different ways to wear, this versatile baby carrier is ergonomically designed to grow with your child, making it the only carrier you’ll ever need. Comfortable in any season, the Ecleve Pulse Carrier features a wrap away panel with breathable 3D air mesh lining, for added comfort, great for the warmer summer months. Whether you're on a short walk or a trip to the grocery store, the Ecleve baby carrier has you covered. It weighs only 1.6 lbs and is made from 100% Supplex Nylon, a soft and breathable fabric that is durable, water repellent, and dries quickly.

Now you know hip seat carriers are a great option for baby’s development and that there are tons of ways to wear it and use it. If you’re still deciding whether or not a hip seat carrier might be right for you, we rounded up our 8 favorite reasons you need to try one of ours today!

The Ecleve Carrier is Lightweight - it’s only 1.6 lbs! While it offers a wealth of pockets, straps, support and seating variations, it is super light and easy to carry. It’s super comfortable, offering breathable material and extra thick mesh padded shoulder straps for breathability and comfort for mom and dad. There’s also a Velcro waistband closure with additional buckle closure for extra security so that not only are you and your baby comfortable, but you can feel secure as well.

The Hip Seat Detaches

The hip seat can be detached and used separately. Use it alone as an infant feeding or nursing support wedge, which can be super convenient while on a trip or if you need to otherwise nurse while away from home. The detachable hip seat also works as extra support for heavier toddlers. When positioned correctly around the parent’s waist, it works to evenly distributes baby’s weight and works to prevent leaning or twisting. This makes for a much less wiggly baby when you’re trying to get stuff done!

There Are 9 Different Wearing Options

Our hip seat carrier is a truly a versatile carrier. It offers 9 different ways to wear it! Depending on the age and weight of your child, you are sure to find a few ways to comfortably wear it.

Inward Facing (without wedge seat) 3-24 mo,12-28 lbs Outward Facing (without wedge seat) 6-24 mo, 12-28 lbs. Feeding Wedge (with the addition of the foam wedge support) 3-24 mo, 12-28 lbs.

Inward Facing with Wedge Seat 3-36 mo, 12-45 lbs. Outward Facing with Wedge Seat 6-36 mo, 12-45 lbs. Back Carry 12-48 mo, 20-45 lbs.

Wedge Seat Outward facing 6-48 mo, 12-45 lbs. Wedge Seat Inward facing 6-48 mo, 12-45 lbs. Wedge Seat Hip Carry 6-48 mos, 12-45 lbs.

The Ecleve hip seat carrier has a built in infant support that can be adjusted as your baby grows. Since it’s easy to clean and made with durable materials, this will be the only carrier you will ever need. With the various stages of wearing, you won’t have to keep purchasing new carriers. Just one will last you as long as you need it!

Our Eceleve hip carrier is made out of a rugged Nylon material that is durable, lightweight, and water resistant. The fold-away front panel also rolls down into a self storage pouch to reveal a breathable mesh panel, making it great for the warmer summer months. The privacy hood also provides extra safety and protection from harmful UV rays. Since it is meant to grow with your child and last for years, we made sure that it’s made of high-quality materials that last.

Outer: 100% Nylon Mesh: 100% Polyester Foam: 100% EPP Filling: 100% Polyester

You Can Remove the Foam Wedge

Another benefit of the hip seat carrier is that the foam wedge seat can be easily removed. Removing the foam wedge allows for extra storage should you need it. It is also an added benefit because you can easily wash it if you need to. Once you remove the foam wedge from the hip seat, make sure you secure all buckles in the clipped position before putting in the washer. Then, use mild detergent on a gentle cycle and line dry. Not only is the foam wedge seat easy removable, but the hip carrier also offers a removable hood, adjustable back or chest belt, hideaway cover with mesh lining, storage pockets, Velcro waistband, a non-slip seat pad, built-in adjustable infant support and three stylish colors.

Our hip seat carrier distributes your baby’s weight evenly through the wedge seat. This helps provide lumbar support for you, as well as relieve back and shoulder strain. Whether you’ve got a long day at Disneyland, a few hours of Christmas shopping at the mall or even just a quick trip to the grocery store, you will be comfortable all day long. That means you can hold your baby longer with fewer trade-offs on long days!

Maintains the Proper "M" Shape Seated Position

The M shape seated position allows for a straighter spine for your baby, and also keeps their hips in a healthy position. This is offered through the wide seat base, which keeps baby’s legs supported and lifted rather than dangling or hanging. This ergonomic design supports your child and maintains a healthy seated position and reduces the risk of hip dysplasia.

The Ecleve is Award Winning and Approved by the IHDI

Our hip carrier is the Winner of the 2018 National Parenting Product Awards, the ABC Kids Expo 2018 Babylist Fresh Finds Awards, and "The IHDI acknowledges the Ecleve Pulse Baby Carrier as a "hip-healthy" product when used as directed." You can rest assured that your baby is in great, award-winning hands!

Do you own a hip seat carrier? Have you decided to purchase one? Let us know in the comments below, or reach out to us on social media. Check out all of our reviews and see how much people love our carrier! Happy shopping!

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