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Hi everyone! We are Elizabeth and liZ, two girls who married brothers and ended up with the same name. You can read more about us in our intro post and our Vintage Dress project post.

Probably like most the rest of you our weather is so cold and terrible right now, but we are dreaming of Spring…;and what better way to look forward to Spring than to sew some maxi skirts. So, we have put together a round-up of some of our absolute favorite maxi skirt tutorials. All of which are different (drop waistaccent pillow case baby burlap housewarming gift, pocket, full, pencil) so there are choices to find for every body shape and every age! We do love our maxi skirts and often joke with each other that they have become the new “;momiform”; all year round! They are comfy and are also a quick, easy sew that makes them the perfect afternoon project.

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So, let’;s get started!

Tip: If you have an overlocker/serger, pull it out of they closet –?they’;re super for sewing maxi skirts! Instead of straight stitching and overcasting all those long seams, just overlock them. You’;ll stitch and finish all in one step AND have a slightly stretchy seam that will give a little when needed. Overlocking is also great for finishing edges of hems and waistline edges. Give your sewing machine a little down-time and have fun with your overlocker/serger!

We absolutely love this Wide Elastic Maxi Skirt Tutorial from quelinda-crafts! And with the wide elastic waistband it would be a comfortable fit for so many different body shapes!

Next, we have this amazing Chiffon Maxi Skirt that just screams Spring. It is lightweight and would be cool and breezy all the way throughout the summer.

This Hi-Low Maxi Skirt is so on trend this year. And with so many prints and fabric choices to choose from would be a perfect sewing project for tweens and teens.

Don’;t you love this High Waisted Maxi Skirt with the bright colors and bold print? And the straight fit makes for a super-flattering skirt!

We love the simplicity of this Easy A-line Maxi Skirt. And that fact that it is about an hour project is worth its weight in sewing gold…;.

This Drop-Waisted Maxi Skirt is the perfect choice for those that like their gathers a bit lower! Still comfortable and full at the bottom make it the perfect skirt for busy moms on the go.

The pockets in this Elastic Waist Skirt are the bomb! Pockets? Yes…;.we all love ourselves some pocketed skirts.?

And not to leave out our little girls…;the Girls’; Full Maxi Skirt is a fun choice for all those girls that love to twirl and would also make the perfect outfit for Easter or Spring festivities!

Do you love maxi skirts as much as we do? We love them…;.

Elizabeth and liZ

We started our Neon & Nude series last week with the fun Neon & Nude Nail Art Tutorial. Have you tried it yet? This week we are sharing a quick and easy neonified makeover you can do to pretty much any pair of shoes. The tricky thing about painting the rubber on your shoes is keeping the paint on after a while. With a helpful little sealer (you might already have at home) it shouldn’t be problem. I’ve been wearing mine and they still look as good as new.

They say getting there is half the fun. I’m not a huge fan of flying. The moment I step off the plane I give myself a congratulatory pat on the back for making it through the flight without having a panic attack. Then, I head down to baggage claim to pick up my luggage. I spend way too much time searching for my bags. I’ve thought of buying new brightly colored luggage but not only is it quite an investment but the type and size of my luggage is so varied depending on where I’m headed. I wanted to create a tag that I could transfer to any bag, would be durable enough to get tossed around by the airlines, and was cute and colorful so I could recognize my bags in a sea of other ones.

Hi, Friends!? I am jumping up and down excited today because .? .? .? .? the sofa is finished!!!!? ?First, I’ll just say that it was a LOOOOONG process.? Much longer than I ever anticipated.? It was a challenge, but I’m so glad I did it!? Do I want to jump right into another upholstery project – NO!? But, I did it and feel a great sense of accomplishment!? ?I’ll be sharing it tomorrow in all it’s glory, but today, I wanted to show you what I did with the sofa’s wood frame.? I considered painting it, but in the end, I found a photo on Pinterest of a French settee with dark wood and a gray fabric and I fell in love with the look.? My sofa already had a dark walnut stain on the wood frame, but it had faded some and had it’s fair share of wear and tear.? And, the process of removing the existing fabric resulted in some more dings and scrapes on the wood frame.? I could have sanded down the existing finish, but with the amount of work that I already had to do, I chose a different option.? Have you heard of gel stain or wiping stain?? It’s a stain that has a thick gel texture that you can use over wood to change or enhance the finish of the wood.? I actually used a gel stain on the legs of my gray tufted chairs.? When I purchased those chairs, the legs were a birch or natural finish.? With my dark wood library table, I thought those blond looking legs looked off.? So, I brushed some dark walnut gel stain over the birch legs to darken them up.? For the sofa, I used Minwax Wiping Gel Stain to darken the wood and cover all of the imperfections in the wood.? Here’s a picture of the inspiration photo I found on Pinterest.