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Dark and decadent, with a liquid-like quality that oozes sophistication, this season we're coveting all things petrol.

A richly beautiful combination of blue and teal, our latest seasonal colour crush is a slick of deepest petrol. A key colour trend for interiors this season, petrol provides the perfect dark base for elegant winter styling, teaming easily with warm copper and gold tones.

pillow case baby

Inspired by colour.

To create our Autumn/Winter ’17 collection, our design team travelled to the Mornington Peninsula in Victoriaaccent pillow case baby burlap housewarming gift, seeking range inspiration for colour stories, new textures and hand painted prints. As our designers rode across crisp white sands on horseback, they noticed in amongst the brilliant blue sky, stunning greenery and pristine waters, the deep oceanic blues tinged with green.

Layering with rich texture.

From this naturally occurring aquatic palette, our new season colour story, petrol, was born. We love the luxurious, stately elegance of petrol and its ability to co-ordinate beautifully with other tones. From rich mahogany and dark wood furnishings, to glossy black, petrol works equally well in the home as a base tone or highlight hue.

Innately opulent, petrol lends itself easily to high gloss and textural finishes, as seen in the oversize basket-woven Weavers cushion and the velvety lustre of Emington. Offset with the rough luxe beauty of a Parmers rounded cushion orPortside Throw to add textural interest and a boost of cosy warmth.

Crafting the new colour story.

As our design team explored the Mornington Peninsula, sketching and painting en plein air with watercolour and pastels, they discovered the versatility of the new palette. The beauty of petrol is it pairs so well with a myriad of blue and green hues, making it the perfect complement to our signature Sheridan blues. Whether you choose to lighten up petrol pieces with soft greys and pastel blues, warm it up with lashings of plum and turmeric or adopt a boldlysaturated petrol palette, the styling opportunities of this elegant colour are limitless.

Styling with petrol in the home.

For a more minimal take, simply update your home with a well-placed pop of deepest petrol by scattering a few highlight cushions. A luxurious velvet Emington cushion offers an elegant, understated foray into styling with this statement hue. For high impact, all-over colour, immerse your room in levels of petrol with the Korra Quilt Cover, hand painted with watercolour in the Sheridan Sydney Design Studio. Add depth and richness to the bed by accessorising with a raw-edged Parmers cushion in petrol, teamed with a textured Emington or Weavers in a contrasting square shape.

*A big thanks to Jo-Ann and Cricut for sending me the supplies to make today’s project! All opinions and hair brained ideas are 100% mine.. this post contains affiliate links**?

Pat Kim is a designer / maker based out of Brooklyn, with a knack for creating fun, thoughtful, and timeless objects – which is just one reason that we at Unison love to collaborate with him.

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