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Good morning, my DIY friends!? Cutting Edge Stencils wants to know if you’;re sick of staring at a cold, stark, empty wall? ? Now is the time to infuse it with warmth and style by adding creative artwork, also known asaccent pillow case baby burlap housewarming gift, the gallery wall. If you’;ve spent any time on Pinterest lately, then we’;re sure you’;ve noticed that gallery walls are all the rage.? They look so sophisticated and say so much about a person.? The best part is that it’;s super easy to turn a blank space into a gorgeous gallery.? Today we’;re going to share with you an awesome example that enhanced the gallery trend with a stencil…

What’;s a Gallery Wall?:

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It’;s simple my friends, a gallery wall is an opportunity to display meaningful art or photographs in a home. ? It doesn’;t have to be limited to favorite photos because it can also include maps from a special trip, illustrations, mirrors, inspirational words, or symbols.? The idea is to curate treasures that are special to you and your family and then display them with pride.

We’;d like to introduce you to MarKay, the fabulous DIYer behind Aqua Lane Design. ? MarKay and her husband moved into their new home about nine months ago.? The entryway featured a blank wall and each day as she walked past it, she felt like it screamed to be decorated. So MarKay started searching for inspiration on Pinterest and discovered some cute gallery walls.? She knew a gallery wall would be perfect for this space.? Rather than just hanging pictures, MarKay put her creative thinking cap on and decided to stencil the space.? First she taped off the area she wanted to highlight, which was about four feet high by 12 feet long.

Since the wall was already painted in a color similar to Benjamin Moore’;s revere pewter HC-172, she painted our Rabat Allover pattern in a color similar to distant gray 2124-70.? After the stenciling was complete, she nailed wooden trim around the rectangle and painted the trim a golden yellow.

Next came the gallery part.? MarKay decided to hang canvas pictures of the family.? She chose pictures that featured them wearing bright colors and ordered canvases from a company called Easy Canvas Prints.? She fell in love with this canvas company because they make creating a gallery wall super easy because they have about 36 preset wall displays.? All you have to do is choose your ideal display from the gallery and then drag and drop your photos to create the canvas.? The canvas package will arrive with a sheet showing where to hang which picture.? Sounds super easy! ?After all the pictures were hung, MarKay added some fun accent words to the display.? And now she has a gorgeous display of her family that welcomes her every time she walks through the door!

Looking for more stencil fun?

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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