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Use this quick tip to decorate your fall entryway home decor without using too many seasonal items! Save money &; time. Have fun decorating without feeling overwhelmed!?

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This year I am cutting on back on all the pumpkins from last year’;s great room and instead focusing on blues, greens, and grays!

I wish I could have you over for coffee, really.

But since I’;d need to dust quickly and our Keurig machine is on the fritzaccent pillow case baby burlap housewarming gift, I will say “;Come on into our home, it looks a little spruced up for Fall…;”;

We’;ve been experiencing several 60 degree days lately, however, I am headed to Orlando this afternoon. Before I headed out, I wanted to share our entryway for Fall with you.

This year I kept the same Quick 2 Step Wreath above the mirror. It’;s a goodie. I swapped out last year’;s burlap ribbon for this pretty gray buffalo check.

The entire decor for this space wasn’;t based on Fall at all—; it’;s from this blue vase I found at IKEA over the Summer! When I saw it, I thought I need this…; and the rest is history #best10dollarsSpent

In addition to the vase, I also found these pretty Eucalyptus branches for $5 apiece at IKEA. Total win and they work for every single season.

That wood board? It’;s a cutting board from IKEA, too!

I promise this post is not sponsored by IKEA. They don’;t know who I am, I just spent like $30 one afternoon and was super happy with my finds. ??

Most importantly about this setup is that I was able to use non-traditional decor and add a few seasonal pieces. It was quick &; simple to look for colors as a guide rather than trying to find as many seasonal pieces as possible at Jo-Ann’;s or Michael’;s store.

Let’;s stock up on pieces we love this year over pieces we will only use for a few months.?

The white wood candle holders move around the house (they are some of my favorites!). I set them up with one of our favorite family photos that we received as a Christmas gift last year. Definitely not fall decor, right?

If you’;ve been thinking about how you can stretch your decorating skills (&; budget), think about colors rather than stuff.

If you are digging the neutral decor this year, I wanted to share some easy links to where I found them.

Fall Entryway Decor Sources:

Have you already started decorating for Fall? Thank you so much for stopping by our home today. I am hoping I can find time to share our dining room with you soon! I’;ll catch back up with you when I return from Florida!

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The Seasons of Home series continues with our Christmas kitchen – decked for the holidays and ready for heavy baking!

I promised you this free downloadable bag pattern when we offered up the Simplicity Bias Tape Maker Giveaway as a great first project for your Homemade Bias Tape, so here goes…I’ve made a couple so far, and I usually don’t like fabric bags (i’m a leather lover) but I actually adore these for summer. They are super quick to whip up (under an hour) and are also reversible, so you can get a couple different looks in one swoop.You could also use store-bought bias tape, like I did for the big one (oh, and you can blow up or shrink the pattern to make different sizes – Scarlet’s been using the littler one as her lunch bag). Either way I think it’s a sweet & simple summery project. But I’m dying to know, what do you think?? Get the full Beginner’s Bias Tape Bag Tutorial and free downloadable pattern after the jump…Beginner’s Bias Tape BagThe smaller version is made with the following fabrics: Bias Tape – Heather Bailey Washday Ticking in Dandelion, Amy Butler Sweet Jasmine in Navy, and Kei Barkcloth Woodcutin Teal. The bigger bag is made with my own stash of Valori Wells Dell Hi Home Decor fabric, store bought black double fold bias tape, and some white suiting for the lining.