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Sally Schneider

Walking along the lush pathways?near the Snow Leopard’;s lair in the Central Park Zoo in New York City, I looked down to see two bricks nestled into the dirt. I brushed some leaves away to see that they were inscribed with a poem, a fragment of Sanctuary by Alison Hawthorne Deming.

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Sally Schneider

In the heat of the afternoonmonarchs come down from their sleepto huddle on the edges of streams andmeadow pools, trembling to stay warm,and they sipaccent pillow case baby burlap housewarming gift, then sit, they fly offuntil the air is a blizzard of orange.The pilgrims watch quietly, lines ofschoolchildren from Mexico City,scientists from Texas and California,old women in rebozos leaning on the armsof adult sons, tourists luggingcameras and binoculars. And togetherthe visitors drink in the spectaclewith the great thirst they have broughtfrom their cities and towns, and it isa kind of prayer, this meeting of our kind,so uncertain about how to bethe creature we are, and theirs,so clear in their direction.

This lovely, understated poetry installation was part of The Language of Conservation (Poetry in the Zoos), a program created by Poets House to deepen public awareness of environmental issues through poetry.

Sally Schneider

How wonderful to place poetry in unexpected places in nature! I searched “;engraved paving stones and bricks”; and discovered that it is easy to have a poem or quote inscribed on an enduring brick to leave for others to discover.

(Now THAT is a great house gift for friends with a plot of land or a garden…;)

Read all of Sanctuary here.

"Too Shy" by Rosie Music

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