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2019-12-02 15:19:58 custom design gift for mom

*A big thanks to Jo-Ann and Cricut for sending me the supplies to make today’s project! All opinions and hair brained ideas are 100% mine.. this post contains affiliate links**?

Pat Kim is a designer / maker based out of Brooklyn, with a knack for creating fun, thoughtfulaccent pillow case baby burlap housewarming gift, and timeless objects – which is just one reason that we at Unison love to collaborate with him.

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So last week I posted myTop Five Hot Mess Mommy Tipsand commenterJaimie(who has a gorgeous name) said she liked the knit scarf in the picture. Well, Jaimie, that made my day, because I MADE that scarf! It’s actually crochet and it took about 30 minutes, it was so simple I thought it wasn’t worth posting, but since you liked it, I thought I’d share. It’s actually one long tube that I wrap around my neck three times.Get the (crazy easy beginner) Chunky Crochet Wrap Scarf Pattern after the jump…