accent pillow case baby burlap housewarming gift Keeping Up Appearances 4 - Work That Interior Design Trend! funny cushion covers

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Looking for a fresh look in your home? Need some inspiration from the latest interior design ideas and trends and how to work them? We have rounded up the best in decorating just for our lovely and loyal readers or those you who are popping in to say hello! If you want to keep up appearances then it takes more than just knowing what the trends are - but how to use them and have a gorgeous home as a result of it.

Always think a little ahead before choosing a theme/trend - will you still be in love with it when it loses popularity? Is it something you can live with long term? Sometimes adding a few touches is the safe way of working with a trend. Flower Power: Flowers are in full bloom - both in the garden and in home interiors. Roses are especially close to the British heart. To work the look, have a think about the following additions to your home:

accent pillow case baby burlap housewarming gift

To celebrate dad this Father's Day we caught up with some of our favourite Aussie dads to hear about their fatherhood joys, and what they will be getting up to this Sunday.

When working on a recent project and trying to decide on what method to use, I found there weren't many tutorials with pictures for sewing sequins.?? So here's a few different methods of hand-sewing sequins for embellishment!? This is by no means all the ways of using sequins, it's just a few examples to get you started. :)I'm using a bright color of thread for better visibility; when doing this for real you'd want a thread that matches your sequins and/or fabric.What you need:Loose sequins - flat or cuppedBeading needle (most regular hand-sewing needles won't fit through seed beads)Seed beads or tiny crystals (optional)Thread conditioner or plain beeswax to keep your thread from tanglingRegular sewing thread or beading thread (your preference)

Here’s another fun embellishment you can whip up with a recycled t-shirt and a few minutes: a french pouf.You can make ’em in any size and with any pouffiniess-quotient you desire, then wear as a brooch, a corsage, in your hair, on your shoes, on kid clothing, etc. Or put some on sticks and make a centerpiece for your table. Learn how to make a french pouf from a t-shirt after the jump…How to Make a French Pouf from a T Shirt

accent pillow case baby burlap housewarming gift