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Style Editor for Real Living magazine, Kerrie-Ann Jones shows us how to add textured layers to your home this winter.

What are some of your favourite ways to add warmth into your home?

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Each winter I like to treat my home to a new chunky knit throw. I stick with neutrals so I can rotate it around to various rooms. In the winter evenings I usually wrap myself up in a throw and cosy up on the sofa for a few hours. Then once I’m ready for bed, I’ll lay the throw across the bed for extra warmth. I also love to light candles around the home, I love the glow of the flame and the scent of the wax, candles always makes a space feel cosy.

This season we’ve added faux furaccent pillow case baby burlap housewarming gift, textured wool, velvet and Mongolian sheep fleece to our collection of cushions and throws. How would you recommend styling these pieces to bring them together cohesively?

I love this combination of textures together! I personally have the Canfield velvet, Bligh Mongolian sheep fleece and Sanders wool knit cushions. I chose a neutral colour palette with a hint of dusty pink colour to match the pink in the artwork above my bed. I have styled these in a vignette of three cushions in front of the pillows, to make them a focal point of the bed. I think mixing textures in a vignette style or cluster is a simple but beautiful way to style textures together.

Canfield cushion, Sanders cushion, Bligh cushion, Abbotson bed linen, Sanders cushion

What are some key tips for others to bring the layering textures trend into their home?

There are various ways to layer textures in the home, at the moment I’m loving layering different rugs together. Using a neutral or similar colour palette, I would start with a flat weave rug on the bottom then layer on top with one or two more textured rugs. It is a fun way to add layers to a space whilst looking amazing too.

You can also layer your bedding with various textures, as an example – using linen sheets mixed witha velvet quilt cover and sheepskin and wool knit cushions. Beautiful!

Lastly, what’s your favourite piece you plan on snuggling into this winter and why?

I just want to dive into the Mongolian sheep fleece cushion, on mass! The soft texture of the fleece is heavenly and the colour fits in perfectly with my neutral wintery colour palette throughout my home, I just adore it!

Sanders cushion



Tie dye is back, well it would be fair to say that it never really went out of fashion. It may have taken a back seat in interior design over the last few years, but like any good design it reappears or in the case of tie dye 'bursts' back onto the scene and this year is one of those years!