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2019-09-09 14:33:11 custom design gift for mom

Maria Robledo

Every once in a while, photographer and dear friend Maria Robledo emails images she has made in-the-moment, in response to whatever was going on around her. They are invariably startling and illuminating; Maria sees like no one we know. Her way has opened our eyes over the years. This time, she showed us the marvels of root vegetables.

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Cooking with Essex’; offerings means cooking with the seasonsaccent pillow case baby burlap housewarming gift, and since it’;s deep winter, Maria was cooking mostly with root vegetables, which are pretty gnarly at this time of year. While she was cutting the vegetables for soup (recipe here), she turned them into little still-lives with an unexpected whimsy…;

…;a homely turnip is dressed in a wondrous adornment of parsnip, onion and cabbage…;

Maria Robledo

…;beet, carrot, onion: balanced…;

Maria Robledo

…;turnip, celery root, potato, onion, parsnip?look like they are wearing hats…;

Maria Robledo

…;potato with a?carrot in a chive dress…;

Maria Robledo

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