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Woven into Sheridan’s history is a fascinating tale.

It all started with a boy working in his family’s textile printing business in Italy. Sheridan’s Founder Claudio Alcorso acquired his love and knowledge of textiles during these formative years and when he migrated to Australia, he brought with him an inherent understanding of quality as well as his passion for art and beauty.

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How Alcorso transformed the Australian textile industry – helping to shape and define Australia culture – is a fascinating tale. The man behind the Sheridan brand was a pioneer and innovator, driven by a desire to introduce creative thought and beauty into the everyday things of life.

Alcorso’s passion for art remains a philosophical thread that still runs through Sheridan today.

Alcorso believed that beauty in art belonged to everyone, everywhere – not just on gallery walls or in ornate gold frames. To help you understand his design philosophy and the history of our brandaccent pillow case baby burlap housewarming gift, we have delved into our archives and pinpointed a few of our most defining moments.

Alcorso’s vision is most evident in the beautiful work undertaken by our team in the Sheridan Design Studio, whose artwork adorns our products.

Here we explore our archives of a few moments throughout our history which have shaped who we are today.

In 1938 Claudio Alcorso set sail from Rome and landed on Australian shores dressed in a white linen suit. With a pioneering spirit he paved the way for the Australian textile and creative industries. He became a founding father of Silk and Textile Printers in Sydney, which became Sheridan in 1967.

Alcorso collaborates with renowned Australian artist William Dobell and Margaret Preston to bring art into the home through textiles.

The brand name Sheridan is coined over a glass of wine.

A controversial advertising campaign saw famous Australian women, including Mrs. Susan Peacock, promoting Sheridan in their bedrooms.The campaign turned heads for many reasons; it introduced printed sheets to Australia – highly innovative in its time – and pictured well-known identities in their bedroom, which was highly risqué in the 1970’s.

Sheridan takes its brands to the world and the famous ‘Towel Man’ turns heads.

Sheridan collaborates with Australian artists Jenny Kee and Ken Done to transform iconic art into bed linen.

Quintessential Australian Elle McPherson is the face of Sheridan.

Sheridan launches new home lifestyle categories including Baby, Loungewear, following with Table Linen and Scent, odelled by Elyse Taylor.

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