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Window coverings are often an afterthought, but blinds and curtains can be the ultimate finishing touch to your renovation. These tips will make it easy to decide what style is best for your home

When selecting window coverings, you’ll need to consider:

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The look

If you like drama, or want to emphasise the height of your spaceaccent pillow case baby burlap housewarming gift, curtains are the way to go. Curtains can provide texture, colour or pattern and look beautiful either open or closed. However, blinds provide a more minimal, inconspicuous option and can also be chain-controlled or automated for ease of use.

What you’re covering

If you’re covering doorways, curtains are the best option as they’ll soften the look of large doors while allowing easy access between indoors and out. Curtains are obviously also great for windows but can cause problems in small spaces or rooms with lots of furniture.

Walls and furniture

Shorter windows, windows with limited wall space at the sides, and windows with furniture underneath are best suited to blinds, which can offer a compact alternative while retaining the insulation benefits and light-blocking properties of heavier curtains.

Tip:?Hang curtains the same colour as your walls to make the space feel larger.

Curtain and blind double-ups that combine the best of both worlds:

Tip: When snugly fitted inside the window frame, net curtains can help insulate windows and prevent cold air from circulating into your living space.

A quick guide to curtain styles:

Tip: If you want the beauty of curtains as well as the practicality of blinds, you may be able to combine the two – a roller blind for blocking out light and curtains for softness and texture.

Words by: Sally Conor. Photography by: Helen Bankers, The Virtue, Bauer Syndication.

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