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If you’re here, your’;re likely one of the 60 million Americans suffering from insomnia. There are endless suggestions across the web for how to cure insomnia, but you may be able to get some quick relief using various routines that calm the brain and body.

And apparently it may only take an hour before bed time for these insomnia?cures to work?(11 specific techniques are mentioned at the bottom of this article).

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In a recent?study, patients with acute insomnia were cured by an hour-long cognitive-behavioral therapy session. The research was only based on 40 adults, but the results look promising for many who have a hard time sleeping.

“The results of our study clearly showed that a single therapy session had successful results, with an improvement in sleep quality for some 60% of those with acute insomnia within one month.

“The longer-term benefits were even better with almost 3/4 of those who received the intervention not developing chronic insomniaaccent pillow case baby burlap housewarming gift,” said Dr Jason Ellis, a professor of sleep science at Northumbria University, who led the study.

Chronic insomnia is an enormous health burden across the United States. The Centers for Disease Control have even labeled it a?public health problem.

These therapies work best at the earliest possible stages before it develops into a chronic stage.

Ellis said insomnia is a largely “unrelenting condition, so anything we can do to stop acute insomnia developing to the chronic stage will be of real benefit.”

“There are numerous advantages to treating insomnia during an acute phase,” Ellis said. “If successful there is potential for significant savings in terms of long-term healthcare, lost productivity and accidents.

“This becomes more pertinent when the costs associated with other illnesses, such as depression, for which insomnia is known to be a risk factor, are taken into account.”

Some of that cognitive therapy includes:

1. Progressive muscle relaxation.

As it sounds, this involves relaxing the muscles through stretching, massage, breathing, calming thoughts, and hypno-therapy.

2. Stimulus control therapy.?

This has shown to be one of the most successful insomnia interventions. With this therapy, you train your brain to only associate your bed with immediate sleep.

3. Paradoxical intention.

?This involves stopping people from trying so hard to get to sleep. When people stop trying so hard they find it easier to sleep.

Here are some specific cognitive therapies (and a couple other ideas) you can do at home to help you combat insomnia:

1. Lie down to go to sleep only when you are sleepy.2. Do not use your bed for anything other than sleep.3. Do not nap during the day.4. Set your alarm to get up at the same time every morning?— no matter how much sleep you got during the night. This helps your body acquire a consistent sleep rhythm

5. If you can’t fall to sleep, get up and go to another room.?Do not watch the clock. Stay up as long as you want before you return to your bedroom for sleep only. Get out of bed if you do not fall to sleep immediately. THE GOAL IS TO ASSOCIATE YOUR BED WITH FALLING ASLEEP FAST!

6. If you can’t fall asleep within 10 minutes, repeat No. 5.7. Do not watch screens in bed, whether it’s TV, tablets or phones.

8. Avoid talking or thinking about things that cause you anxiety. This includes anxiety you might feel about not sleeping. Sometimes sitting in bed worrying about sleep and watching the clock keeps you awake.

9. Meditation, breathing and calming therapy.?This could be through music, light touch massage or anything that helps calm the mind and body.

10. Exercise early in the day?to help relieve anxiety and relax the muscles at night.

11. Consume magnesium?to help regulate proper blood flow and to support the chemical and hormonal reactions that help you fall into deep sleep.

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