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At?poet?Ocean Vuong‘;s Tumblr, we found this question from?“;a Young Poet and Possible Hermit:?Ocean, how much time do you spend alone? Are you a reclusive poet? Do you worry about losing friends??”; Vuong’;s answer was a revelation:

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i am v reclusive. but i do like giving readings, even though i get terrible stage fright, because i love meeting other readers and writers and knowing their own stories. but yesaccent pillow case baby burlap housewarming gift, my social skills are limited and i feel i speak best through my work. right now, i am writing inside an actual closet. i cleared out my closet and it turns out it’s the best place to write. the perfect size, like a cockpit of a tiny space shuttle.

warmly, –ocean

We wish we had a photo of Ocean’;s cockpit-like writing closet…;but we can imagine it ?and love to think of the poems that emerge from it, like this snippet from?On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous:

Improvised Life

But we found some other cool tiny spaces in what-once-were-closets…;

James Dooley/Pinterest

Author Merritt Tierce writes in a converted closet in her Denton, Texas home. Clear space.

Leann Mueller

Our favorite is from Decoding Labs, at top, (with a before-and-after the transformation of utility closet off a back staircase). It was accompanied by this note, applicable to EVERYONE:

Decoding Labs?also featured an oddly-shaped coat closet that sits under a staircase…;

These cozy spaces aren’;t just for hermits, recluses, and introverts who need to recharge. Depending on how they are outfitted, they can provide a clear, focusing space for those who want to write or meditate or just dream…;

West Elm

The sofa is the?most important?piece in a living room, no matter how big or small the space is. It’s the spot where you relax with a cup of coffee, watch a good movie, get some work done, hang out with guests or take?a nice weekend nap.

“Wiegenlied: Guten Abend, Gute Nacht” — better known as?Brahms’s Lullaby?(the one you start humming when you see the word “lullaby”) was composed nearly 150 years ago, but Moms were serenading their little ones long before that. Babylonian clay tablets dating to 2000 BC hold the first known cradle song, composed in cuneiform symbols.