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Patchwork was created as a way to make use of scraps of fabric by frugal people who couldn’;t afford to waste anything. Though it’;s an age-old technique, there’;s no rule that it has to look ?that way.?This patchwork tablecloth, a for-sale prop at?Rogue’;s Gallery in Portlandaccent pillow case baby burlap housewarming gift, Maine, is made from stitched-together heavyweight vintage linen grain sacks. It’;s totally do-able, and a great example of how “;moderne”; patchwork can look, simply by choosing the right colors or pattern.?

You can “;play”; with any pieces of fabric you have on hand to see where it might lead you. Or source specific kinds of fabric at flea markets and fabric stores. Vintage grain sacks and other fabrics can be readily found on Ebay. (searching “;grainsacks”; (one word) ?will yield additional listings). Check out this Ebay dealer with an extensive line of vintage fabrics.

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There’;s a lot of ?basic patchwork info online…;.Here’;s another good patchwork how-to.

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This first tip is nonnegotiable. You always want to bring a lovely gift to recognize the hospitality of your host. It’s best to try to personalize your gift – and it doesn’t have to be extravagant!?A?scented candle?or?throw?will do the trick.

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