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2019-09-10 03:28:33 custom design gift for mom

photo: roudet benjamin

This room designed by the artist Tilt?for?Au Vieux Panier Hotel?in Marseille, France is?called “;Panic Room”; We look at it ?and see our two selves: loving serene white, admiring crazed audacious color –; ?our split personality. It manages to evoke a whole world of possibilities: opposite ends of the spectrum in one fell swoop.

solid throw pillow covers

When you focus in on the detailsaccent pillow case baby burlap housewarming gift, something else happens…;

photo: roudet benjamin

Here’;s what the room looked like before Tilt and his friends got to work:

We found an interesting bit about Tilt’;s thinking on his blog:

I thought about it also as a huge canvas where I needed to think about the composition?and play with the empty white part of the room to accentuate more the idea of Chaos on the other part…;It took one week to do the whole thing cause the idea was to exaggerate what you can usually see in some?abandoned places. Too much tags, too much drips, too much sentences, too much throw ups …;?What I also wanted to show is that people can appreciate?any type of graffiti, even the more basic, it’;s just a matter of point of view …;

More (and bigger) pictures here.

Photo by Roudet Benjamin (aka Big Addict)?

via Neatorama?

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