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Between cooking, eating, the place we end up at parties, where we help with homeworkzip code pillows wholesale, give our best agony aunt advice and sneaking a midnight snack, kitchens have a lot to contend with, so they need to be hard working as well as appealing to spend time in.

Re-doing yourkitchen can be a pricey affair, but we’;ve got some great quick and easy kitchenmakeover ideas to refresh the whole look and feel without needing to take out asecond mortgage. Oh and they’;re really practical too!

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1. Create a new splashback or revamp your floor with self-adhesive tiles

They can be wipedclean and will give the area a new lease of life, both visually and practically–; plus they’;re also much easier to apply than traditional tiles!

2. Paint a chalkboard inside a cupboard

This one takes alittle time but only because you need to let the layers dry –; it’;s still veryeasy to do and will give you a handy place to note what you need to pick up atthe supermarket or remind yourself to call the bank.

3. Add stylish, moveable storage

There’;s only so muchspace for storage and it’;s not always in the most convenient position, so we’;reall about having something on wheels for added convenience. If you’;ve got afree nook you can tuck your trolley away between uses too.

4. Make your own herb jars

Plants are not onlywildly on trend and good for your wellbeing, but if you grow some tasty herbsthey’;ll also make your kitchen smell good and be handy for cooking. Recycleyour old jam jars, pickle jars or any other pots you have lying around andplant your flavoursome favourites.

5. Use ladder shelving

A no-nails approach to reclaiming some vertical space, ladder shelving leans against a wall to give you extra places to store everything you need.

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