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Don’t forget –; this weekend the clocks go forward by one hour! At 1am on this Sunday 26th?March, you’ll find yourself with an hour less to complete your household tasks. Not to worry though, we’ve put together our top time-saving gadgets to help you make up for lost time and get just as much done with less effort.

Zyliss Easy Pull Food Processor

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This clever little gadget uses a pull-chord to blend, chop and mix in a matter of seconds.?Using a durable stainless steel bladezip code pillows wholesale, this time-friendly food processor from can chop up to 750ml of ingredients.?Great for making coleslaw, salsas and chopping onions without the tears!?Find out more >;

Chef’n Garlic Zoom?

It’s healthy and delicious, but peeling, chopping and crushing garlic can be time-consuming and messy, not to mention the lingering smell on your fingers. This superb garlic zoom from Chef’n takes the hassle out of cooking with garlic, and chops cloves quickly and tidily. Just pop a couple of cloves into the hatch at the top, close the lid and glide the Garlic zoom across a chopping board. Find out more >;

Heated Airer with Wings

Doing laundry can seem like a never-ending chore, so a bit of extra help when it comes to drying your clothes is always welcome. This heated airer has fold out wings for extra drying space, and allows you to dry your clothes quickly and easily. It also has great low energy consumption, so it costs just 3.5p an hour to run –; bargain! Perfect for when the spring weather takes a turn for the worse. Find out more >;

Quilt Clips

Ever found yourself trapped in a duvet cover while trying to change your bedding? These simple quilt clips make changing your bed linen quick and easy. Simply?pop the top corners of the duvet into the top corners of the duvet cover and secure with these clever clips, then pull the cover down and give it a shake. Making your bed has never been so fast! Find out more >;

Trolley Bags

Made from machine-washable recycled fabric and plastic, these colourful reusable bags make sorting and packing your supermarket shopping simple. Fitting neatly into any deep shopping trolley, this set of 4 bags holds up to 15 kilos and can be easily joined and separated for easy carrying and storage. Find out more >;

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