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Welcome back, my DIY friends.? It appears that the Royal couple has selected a baby name for their precious bundle of joy, Princess Charlotte. Cutting Edge Stencils is over-joyed with the couples name choice.? After all, we always suspected that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were big fans of our Charlotte Allover.? We also have a hunch that the beautiful lace-like stencil pattern was quite influential in their final decision (or we’;d like to think so). Either way we’;ve put together some of our favorite stencil projects using this popular wall stencil.

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Charlotte Allover Stenciled Room Ideas

Let’;s take a minute to walk through some inspiring stencil projects featuring this pretty pattern.

We bet the Duke and Duchess are putting the final touches on their princess’; nursery.? Nothing completes a space like a pretty accent wall. If shabby chic is their stylezip code pillows wholesale, then they should take the lead from Noelle.? She painted an accent wall behind the crib using?Charlotte Allover Stencil, in Martha Stewart’s Heavy Goose and Rose Chrome.

Maybe they prefer a more vintage touch with feminine details.? So does Laura from the Corner House Blog.? She painted this precious pink nursery featuring a subtle Charlotte Allover Stencil behind the crib.

This gorgeous stencil pattern is not limited to accent wall. In fact, we can’;t get enough of this stenciled porch. Laura from Whimsical Perspective painted the?Charlotte Allover Stencil in a striking yet stylish lilac hue.? She comments, “;It is an amazing place to relax now.”;

This versatile stencil is also perfect for creating your own DIY masterpiece.? Kristi and Kelli, from Lolly Jane, stenciled this eye-catching wall art using the?Charlotte Allover Stencil and a minty colored paint.

And let’;s not forget how lovely it looks on a sweetheart table. Helen, from Picked and Painted, stenciled the Charlotte Allover in yellow on an old wooden table.

Tell us, which one of these Charlotte Allover Stenciled projects is your favorite? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!

Haven’;t had enough stencil fun?

Thanks for reading and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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