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Junk drawers!?Everyone has them, and no matter how often we organize and straighten them they’;re back to their unkept, impossible-to-find-anything selves in a matter of days. Well, it appears that one of our employees may have solved her junk drawer problem for good. She put our?Original Home Office Desk Organizer?in her pantry, and voila, all those little things that land in the junk drawer can be sorted, stored, and tidy!

While we originally designed this organizer for a home officezip code pillows wholesale, it can really be used in any room of the house, like the kitchen. For some reason, junk drawers always land in the kitchen, taking up valuable drawer space. Instead, put this organizer in your pantry to keep it out of the way!

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A typical junk drawer has all sorts of strange items in it?—; pens, pencils, scissors, garden clippers, screwdrivers, tape measures, and maybe even a kitchen?lighter. All of those things can be?stored in the upright cubbies in the right side of the organizer.

Next,?we filled the large center drawers with cords and chargers, and to keep the cords from getting tangled we used small gear ties?on each cord. The right drawer got larger items like tape, extra staples, and glue sticks.

The smaller, lower drawers store things like spare keys, batteries, paper clips, and tacks.

Above the large drawers are small cubbies which are great for post-it notes, a stapler, or your check book. And above that we have a large flash light and a bit of twine.

Finally, over to the left, we stored thank you cards, spare pieces of mail, notebooks, and to do lists.

With?all of the different cubbies in a?desk organizer, you can sort each item and find the appropriate place for it which means it’;ll be easier to find everything. Plus, you can use labels to make sure the rest of your family members put things back where they belong!

What do you think? Do you have a great organization tip that keeps your junk drawer organized and tidy? Share it with us!

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