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Add a bit of whimsy to your Halloween Porch decorations this year with theseFloating Witch Hat luminaries!They even light up, making them a fun and only slightly eerie Halloween decorating idea.

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Our front porch has a section that is long and narrow. It’;s not quite wide enough for furniture, but I still love to decorate it. Last Christmas I hung giant stars from the ceiling of that section of the porch- (click here to see the stars hung at Christmas)

It always made me smile a little bit when I’;d drive by at night and find them lit up.

Since I’;m always looking for clever front porch decorating ideas for Halloween. Building on that same ideazip code pillows wholesale, this year for Halloween I’;ve hung floating light-up Witch Hats along the porch (btw, is it Witch’;s Hat as in a hat that belongs to a witch? Or is it Witches Hat as in multiple Witches with hats??) I’;m not sure, I think both. If you disagreeI apologize for my grammatical infraction in advance, there is no need to offer your opinion ??

The Floating Halloween Witch Hats project is really simple and I think adds a fun an unexpected element to our front porch. Let me show you how to do it.

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Inexpensive Witch Hats —; available on Amazon

Fishing Line

Long Needle

LED light sticks?–;?(linking to the product category on Amazon, not the specific item since the sellers keep raising the prices based on clicks from this post, you want an LED light stick with a clip that is battery powered and lightweight. )

UPDATE: A reader last year told me they used battery-poweredtea lights and they worked well. They tied the fishing line around the wick. Someone else also suggested using glow sticks.

Safety Pins

Outdoor Command Hooks for Lights

Before you begin, you need to decide how many hats you’;d like to hang on your porch and where you’;d like them to be. I recommend laying the hats out on the floor of your porch to determine the number and spacing.

After you’;ve figured out where you’;d like the Witches hats to hang, attach one command hook to the ceiling in each spot. Let the hook set up for about 10-15 minutes.

String about 2-3 feet of fishing line onto the needle. Feed the needle through the point of the Witch hat on the outside of the hat. Bring the fishing line through to the interior of the hat. DO NOT pull all the fishing line through the hat, leave it on the outside of the hat.

Remove the needle and tie the fishing line around a safety pin.

Use the safety pin to attach the fishing line to light stick. It can be LED or the temporary kind you can find in the Halloween section of stores. Just make sure it’;s lightweight. I’;ve had readers tell me that they used glow sticks or tea lights.

UPDATE: Since this post was first written, the quality and brightness of LED lights have improved greatly. You should be able to find a lightweight LED light easily.

Now just tie a loop at the end of the fishing line on top of the hat and hang it on the command hook.

Most LED light bulbs will not last for 30 days straight. If you want to hang these up on Oct 1st and leave them on all month that probably won’;t work.

I turned mine on and off each night. I did not plan for them to last all of October without burning out. In addition, one year I only turned them on during Halloween night.

You can adjust the height of the hats as you like, just lengthen or shorten the fishing line.

Even though we did this on our front porch I think it would be adorable inside of the house too!

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UPDATE: LOOK how cute they are on Ali Edwards Front Porch (image from Instagram) !!!

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