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Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins Papers are a continious inpiration for DIY projects that become part of your daily life. Matching with your favorite colors from Tattered Angels mists, you can make something to enjoy using every time and be proud of. A journal to store ideas, take notes or alter with paper cuttings, stamps and morezip code pillows wholesale, is easy to make with the steps that our crew member Kyriakos shows us.

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“;Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins Papers are the ideal surface to work on with various mediums and the durability of the paper makes so great to use on covers on journals.”; –; as Kyriakos says.

The pages inside have space to decorate, while the bags make pockets for cards, tickets etc.

Tools used

Step 1 –; Trim the scalloped side and score the bads in half. 5 bags make a signature.

Step 2 –; Place the 5 bags on top of each other. Open 5 holes in the center (scoring line) and sew them together with a waxed cord and a needle.

Step 3 –; Trim all short sides to the same with by folding them in half. It will also create 5 more pockets.

Step 4 –; Cut a 12×;6 1/2 in piece of the Tattered Angles Mixed Media Origins paper and spray it with the mists. Mix in plance while paint is still wet.

Step 5 –; Mark 4 1/2 in from one of the long sides, punch two hole and set eyelets. Mark the same distance and fold.

Step 6 –; Use the stencil to lay some texture paste, sprayed with some Tattered Angels Mardi gras mist.

Step 7 –; Lightly color some paper flowers with the Mardi gras mist.

Step 8 –; Glue the paper flowers on the cover. Continue with the beads and the rest of the embellishments. The gel medium used to set them, work as a protection of the surface too.

Step 9 –; Cut pieces of the Canvas Corp lines paper to place in the pockets. You can further emblellish the pages inside with paper cuttings, stamps or leave them blank for journalling in time.

Step 10 –; Finally cut a 20in long piece of the elastic cord, pass it through the eyelets to hold the kraft pages.

Find your paper to use as cover from one of the Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins collection and create your own journal to fill with everything you want.

See more from Kyriakos, on his blog and Instagram.

Happy journal crafting!

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