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In the state of Gujarat is the city of Surat, which is well-known with saree lovers. Surat is the hub of India’s largest textile factory, which produces almost 90% of man-made or artificial fabrics. The word “Surat ki saree” is sure to bring a smile on a woman’s face, for their glamorous looking sarees. Although a wide variety of silk and other handwoven sarees are also available, it for the Polyester sarees that Surat is known for! Prafulzip code pillows wholesale, Parag, Vimal and Garden are some of the top saree brands in Surat, which have revolutionised the saree business in India. Read on to know more amazing facts about these sarees. As a bonus, we also have the latest Surat Saree Catalogue.

We all know the goodness and rich nutrients within honey. It is quite a versatile ingredient given that it has natural vitamins, minerals and medicinal properties. Honey for skin and hair are good treatments for several concerns and for healthy skin. There are several home remedies to treat skin concerns, blemishes, scars, acne and pimples and mostly popular ones include the honey face pack variants. These honey face masks are quite good and natural healer for all types of skin tones, be it dry or sensitive or even oily skin. These homemade face masks with honey can be a game changer for problematic and blemished skin in no time given the effective results one will encounter.

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We all love watching television serials and movies, and this is our major mode of entertainment, and hence we have our own list of top favourite heroes and heroines written down in our minds. Have you ever thought and wondered how these celebrities would look in real life and without any makeup? Here are some of the top South Indian actresses without makeup images to check out. We have curated them together, and we are still in shock and awe. These South Indian heroines without makeup looks are for those who are seeing them for the first time and are both amusing and also strange. Some of these South Indian heroines without makeup are totally amazing to look at, and some are very ordinary looking.