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These Patio Decorating Ideas?are easy and budget-friendly! Decorating a patio or deck can be stylish and be done with a limited budget; it doesn’;t have to be expensive or difficult! Just like my Easy Spring Porch.

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This month as one of the Better Homes &; Gardens Live Better Influencers, our focus is decorating our outdoors. Even though it’;s just nearly spring, this is the time to head to Walmart and see all the new Mix &; Match patio ideas. Choose your tablezip code pillows wholesale, choose your chairs, choose your pillows, cushions, and rugs. So many options as well as sets.

I love this concept because it allows you to choose what items you want to coordinate.

My particular set came all together. This Bistro Set comes with 2 All-Weather Wicker Chairs, matching seat cushions and the small table. Great for a conversation sitting. I’;ve added the rug and striped pillows, and lots of potted greenery.?

If you go in with a plan, you’;ll have a space that flows and looks relaxing.

All items listed are from Better Homes &; Gardens at Walmart.

TOTAL COST = $234.81

Creating an outdoor oasis doesn’;t have to be overwhelming. Use my Easy Patio Decorating Ideas and tips to help you create a plan and the space you deserve!?

Step by step until it’;s done!

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One of the most fun features of a lot of BERNINA machines is their huge catalog of decorative and functional stitches. However, they can seem pretty daunting, especially when you’re staring at the screen. I find they are a lot more approachable if you’ve tried them out, and can reference them on a piece of fabric. I designed a little stitch book as a place to keep your experiments. Spend a day stitching them all out, or do a few at a time as your projects dictate. Either way, this expandable book leaves room for more stitches and experiments, you could even try stitching them on different fabrics and adding those to the book as you go. This open ended project is perfect for new machine owners who are getting to know their new BERNINA.