zip code pillows wholesale Here Come the Girls…Turning a Bachelor Pad into a Home for You and Your Partner funny cushion covers

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Well the time has comeyou have decided to take the next step and move in with your partner. Gone are the boys drunken nights in of pizza, beer and computer games. Welcome to the nights of DIY, soppy chick flicks, nail varnish and pink scatter cushions.

Was this idea such a wise decision I hear you ask! You may be pleased to know thatzip code pillows wholesale, contrary to popular belief, moving in with your partner does not need to be such of an upheaval. With clever and common sense compromises from both sides your lives and homes can welcome one another with sincerely open arms. If you are intending on allowing the feminine touch in to your bachelor pad here are some top tips on how to create balance and maintain your sense of home.

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Although your partner is moving in to your property and territory you do need to be aware and conscious to make allowances and changes to your home. Posters of barely dressed women, football tables and fridges full of beer are highly likely to be met with an unhappy comment or two. On the other hand however do not banish your house of all things you enjoy. Keep your games console to hand as this is a way you entertain your self and relax.

Do keep retro or infamous film posters and frame them in a montage for a funky and contemporary feature that works particularly well in dining rooms, kitchens and games rooms. Similarly, instead of having sporting memorabilia scattered all over the house why not make a real games room, that can act as your sanctuary and more personal space, and decorate the walls and shelving in your best pieces.

Although you are most likely to be happy with the way your home is arranged and looks your girlfriend is likely to want to make her stamp on the home. Do not take this as an offense and instead understand that she is simply trying to create her own territory too. Simple additions such as mutually chosen crockery, wall art, table lamps and bedding can help to create this balance and similarly will be a nice change for you too. When shopping with your girlfriend for the home do try to keep an open mind and consider the ideas she suggests as they may be worth doing!

As with all partnerships and projects talking to each other is vital. If you really like an item, colour scheme or layout within your house don’t be shy to say so. Similarly listen to any comments she may have in response. Alongside this remember that a house is only a home when the individuals inside are happy. Spend your time together doing the things you enjoy and don’t get tied down with decoration, wallpaper, football games and makeupthey are not the main priority in the relationship: you are.

We know choosing a color scheme can be intimidating, but what if we told you there was a fool-proof way of creating a color palette that’s not only easy on the eyes, but one you’ll love to live with? The secret lies in the color wheel and understanding how to use it to create winning color combinations.

In these dog days of summer, a bit of refreshment is more imperative—and more appealing—than ever. But if the heat’s sapping your creative juices, don’t sweat it. We’ve got some cool ideas for chilling out with friends, family, or yours truly. Think bright tablescapes, summery recipes, and warm temperatures.

“When you become a parent, you start to notice what they’re eating, what they’re breathing, and children are like canaries in the mine.” Meryl Streep.