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What a magnificent week in Mum’;s garden! ?The hydrangea beds at the front of the house are giving a fabulous fall show! ?The beds closer to the house are looking a a lot worse for wear because of all the construction, but these beds have made it through the ordeal unscathed and they are looking gorgeous. ?These beds can be seen from the road, and they have stopped traffic on many occasions. ?Mum would be so pleased with how lovely they look.

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It really is enough to just gaze at the colors, but I wanted to see if I could translate the palette ?into paint colors. There are three varieties of hydrangeas in these beds: ?Oak Leaf, Little Lambzip code pillows wholesale, and Limelight. ?They are mixed with hostas, boxwood, snakeroot, and a few Stewartia, among others

I have been wanting to try the Benjamin Moore’;s Color Capture app ?and this seemed like a perfect opportunity. ?The app can be downloaded from the App Store and it’;s free. It’;s quite easy to use on the iPhone. ?Basically, you take or upload an image and move and scale it to the portion of the image you want to “;capture.”; ?Then you move a pointer around the image and it loads the range of paint colors for that particular pixel. See above for some of the colors selected.

But, color maven that I am, I was not at all satisfied with the palette. I felt it didn’;t reflect the overall feeling or beauty of the garden. ?So, I decided to try another method. ?This time I used Photoshop to choose various colors from the images, ?then matched them as closely as possible to the Benjamin Moore paint deck that is rarely far from my side.

Orleans Violet, 1374, is the one you can’;t read.

I love the tech aspect of capturing the colors on the run, but I really think the old-fashioned way gives a better representation of the palette of the beautiful beds. ?But, honestly, it’;s sooooo very difficult to translate what we see in nature into a can of paint.

I couldn’;t resist trying to capture a bit of the beauty by creating this hopelessly haphazard bouquet, which is happily hanging out in the kitchen.

Helping friends and family celebrate a birthday is always fun, but milestone occasions mean it’s really time to pull out the stops. As far as decade birthdays go, 40 can be a big one, with midlife around the corner and some youthful energy still to spare.

Welcome back, our crafty Cutting Edge Stencils fans! We are so excited to show you this trending paint technique using our gorgeous Flower Stencil patterns! Watercolor wallpaper is such an adorable accent to add to a room but application is time consuming and puts a dent in the bank account! Today we will show this exact wallpaper hack using our reusable wall stencils and some paint! Let’s begin our stencil project!!

We love holiday themed projects because they are so fun to create and we sometimes forget that now is the time to?really think about making handmade gifts for the?holiday season. ?There is still time to gather some of your craft supplies and make a little?something for those who are special on?your Christmas list. ?You can make the gift?unique to each person or make the same gift for each. ?When it comes to gift making and giving, it is always a nice idea to make something?functional or decorative that is designed for each person. ?Jorunn kicks our series off with this fabulous mini calendar that is perfect for the kitchen, study or studio?and each time a date is checked you will be remembered for?your sweet gift.