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Happy Hump Day, my Cutting Edge Stencils enthusiasts!? Interestingly enough, today’;s post is inspired from one of our popular Pinterest stencil boards call Ikat get Enough of Ikat Patterns.

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We are big fans of the Ikat pattern here at Cutting Edge Stencils (as if you couldn’;t tell).? We see this awesome pattern everywhere from clothes to? rugs to upholstery and of course, walls! And why not?? It’;s a beautiful design!? Todayzip code pillows wholesale, I’;m focusing on one specific Ikat, the Ikat Samarkand Stencil and how you can use this pattern to create designer looking diy home decor.

Meet Lucy, a craft advocate and blogger responsible for Craftberry Bush, and her stunning Ikat Samarkand stenciled area rug!? Her new stenciled rug adds a nice pop of color to her all-white home decor. Personally, I think it’;s gorgeous!

Lucy bought some very inexpensive flat-wove area rug from Ikea.? She then decided to try our Ikat Samarkand Stencil to see if she could make her lackluster cream rug into a focal point in her living room.? While she had never actually stenciled before, she felt confident she could do it.? Lucy says “;Even though I have never worked with a stencil before, it was extremely?easy and only took me about an hour to complete!”;? Now that sounds like the perfect naptime/post work project!

All I can say is Wow! The Ikat Samarkand stencil really does add a color infused focal point to her living space!

Lucy used blue, red and turquoise craft paint to create her stencil design.?? To get this look consider using Benjamin Moore’;s stunning 826 and deep rose 2004-10.? This classic combination of hues (bold red and sophisticated navy) create a modern space that exudes originality!? Then add the perfect highlight to the design with a complimentary color like this mexicali turquoise 662.?? The results are absolutely gorgeous! And I’;m sure Lucy feels like the craft-star she is from her first stencil accomplishment!

Ikat Take It Anymore!

Oh yes you can! (PS. I’;m cracking myself up with all of the Ikat stencil jokes!)? But seriously, still looking for some more Ikat Stencil rug inspiration? You’;ll love the rug by Roeshel from?The DIY Showoff.? She had us in awe of her stenciled bedroom rug using the Ikat Samarkand pattern.? Here room transformation is gorgeous and you can read all about it on our blog post; Ikat Stencil Inspiration.

Feeling enamored by one of these Ikat Samarkand stenciled rugs?? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!

Haven’;t had enough?

Thanks for reading and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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