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Wood stairs are beautiful, there's no doubt about it. But they can also be a TAD boring, which is a shame because wood stairs are such a great opportunity to create a beautiful focal point in your home. More and more, people are “;embellishing”; their wood stairs and it's a trendI am loving. Just check out some of these amazing wood stairs with embellished risers from around the web.

1. If you are using pre-made stickers to number your wood stairszip code pillows wholesale, go straight to Step 2. If you are using vinyl, use your cutting machine software to design the numbers you want to use on your stair risers. Be sure to measure your stair risers and pay attention to the measurementsas you create your design to ensure they will fit properly :) Then cut out your design and weed it.

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2. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT step, whether you are using store-bought address stickers or vinyl you cut yourself…; Apply your numbers to transfer paper that is cut to roughly the same size as your numbers. This will help you get your numbers nice and straight as you apply them to the stairs! It's MUCH EASIER to position a square than it is to position a number. Take my word for it–;I learned the hard way as I applied my first few numbers without transfer paper.

3. Once you have positioned the transfer tape and are sure the number is where you want it, use an old credit card or scraper to firmly rub over the entire surface of the transfer tape. This will adhere your number to the stairs and enable you to remove the transfer paper without removing the number. Note that one reason I prefer to work with vinyl and not stickers is that vinyl is very forgiving and if you make a mistake, you CAN peel it off without damaging the paint and reposition it. That may be possible with some address stickers, but I have to warn you that the pre-made, non-vinyl variety may damage your paint when peeled off.

3. After rubbing your vinyl into place, slowly peel the transfer paper off.

That's it!!!! It's so easy and adds such an awesome touch to our wood stairs. What do you think?

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