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We’re thrilled about our newest capsule collection, Coast to Coast, with world-renowned interior designer Mark D. Sikes. Mark has been designing homes all over the country since 2011 and has proven time and time again to be one of the best – and his love to blue and white is not lost on us! Read on for Mark’s take on the collaboration, his inspiration, design tips and more. ?

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It started with an initial email conversation that lead to a meeting with Annie &; her team. After our first emailzip code pillows wholesale, the team &; I created an initial strategy. I loved the story around Annie being on the East Coast and me being on the West Coast… “East meets West” … “Coast to Coast” if you will. So, with our collection strategy in hand, a color palette along with some inspiring fabrics and images, we met with Annie and her team in her Massachusetts office. We immediately knew it was going to be a great partnership. Annie’s experience &; passion for fabrics was so inspiring and together we collaborated on this beautiful collection.

It has a number of meanings really. When I first envisioned the collection, I thought about the idea of Annie being on the East Coast and me being on the West Coast, which lead to me thinking about the patterns for the fabrics and how they could relate to each coast. I also thought about how my clients from coast to coast could easily use pieces from this beautiful collection.

That’s a tough one. I really love the entire collection – in fact when our first set of samples arrived at our office, my whole team all found many pieces they love and want for themselves! So, if I had to name a few, all the rugs are so beautiful, but a favorite is the wool Big Sur rug. It’s patterned after a favorite antique textile my partner Michael &; I found on one of our trips abroad. The Annie Selke team did a wonderful job interpreting it into a beautiful rug.

? ? ?4. Where do you seek design inspiration?

Ideas really do come from everywhere.? When I travel I try to slow down and appreciate the history of wherever I am.? On a recent trip to South Africa we were treated to a visit to a 17th Century Cape Dutch House.? The details in the house were breathtaking and truly inspiring.? I studied the construction and trims on the draperies and have used these ideas on several projects since.

? ? ?5. What have been some of your favorite design projects?

You know, they’re all really a “favorite” in their own special way. My most favorite part of any design project is connecting with my clients. We have such a wonderful responsibility and feel honored to help them create a beautiful home where they will spend time with their family and friends for years to come.

? ? ?6. Any tried and true decorating advice?

Surround yourself with things that you love.? There is always a way to make them work together.? Usually, I start with a color point of view for a room and then layer on patterns and textures.? A strong color story can really tie together what would otherwise seem like different points of view.?

? ? ?7. Which design “rule” or idea do you refer to over and over?

Not sure if it’s a rule really, but I think the most important thing to consider when constructing a room is to have a balance of elements that are woven together to create something beautiful and timeless – wicker mixed with gilt, chintz next to a piece of modern art.? It’s said a lot, but it really is all about the mix.?

? ? ?8. In your opinion, what’s the one thing that will never go out of style?

I truly love timeless, classic design. I often look to the past for inspiration and strive to create a space, a room – a home that will not only be beautiful today but would have looked beautiful 20 years ago and will continue to look beautiful 20 years from now.

Back roads and summer time just go together for me. Given a choice of a back road or the main highway and I will always say the back roads. I feel at peace in the country with nothing but fields, flowers, animals and the occasional tractor or horse and buggy in our area. Driving back roads means slowing down and enjoying life.

As a bride, it is easy to get tunnel vision when planning a wedding.

Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed by everything on your home to do list?