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(Video link here.) After we wrote about artist Tom Sachs’; practice of knolling,?simple, incredibly effective steps he takes to neaten is very busy work space, we got an interesting comment from Kevin Neff, the engineer who helped us reason-out some of our vibrating bed experiments ages ago. He wrote:

So interesting. I had been wrongly categorizing Improvised Life as martha-stewart perfectzip code pillows wholesale, probably because of the nice pictures of the lab. I find there’s a huge pressure to have your house look like you just occasionally watch TV in the den but cook, eat, sleep, and live an a different house/apartment.?

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I’m constantly struggling with partially finished projects and other tell-tale signs of my living my life in my own house/garage/yard…;

Herbert Matter,courtesy of The Calder Foundation

“;Improvised Life as martha-stewart perfect???“;. We feel like we spend much of our time UNDOING Martha’;s insidious infiltration of ours and everyone we knows minds, what Kevin described so well as the ?“;huge pressure to have your house look“;…; essentially unlived in. That’;s why we?publish?pictures of messy artist’;s studios, write and post quotes about?failure, and post images of our own messes, like the before-and-after image below?of a wild day in our old space versus a cleaned-up photo shoot day.

Sally Schneider

In honor of the REAL workspace, and to antidote the feeling that you constantly need to live a Martha life by not revealing partially finished projects and other tell-tale signs of my living my life in my own house/garage/yard…;”;?we offer this wonderful film Herbert Matter made of Alexander Calder at work in his studio, and what that work is like from a child’;s view.

Calder was incredibly prolific and his studios might seem chaotic to the outsider…;

Herbert Matter, courtesy of The Calder Foundation

…;We have heard that he knew where every scrap was…;

Pedro Guerrero

The big lesson: whatever works for you is what works. There simply isn’;t one right way, and classic notions of neat are not necessarily a virtue.

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Farmhouse style is everywhere right now! I think farmhouse style really resonates with people because the look is all about creating a space that is charming, cozy, functional, and has?tons of character. Farmhouse style creates a feeling of familial comfort and evokes memories of sipping sweet tea, cooking in the kitchen and making wonderful memories with those you love.

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