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A vignette is a term used in the writing world for a short scene that focuses on a moment. It gives the reader a feel for?the setting, character, or object. I’ve named this post Home Decorating Vignettes because each photo is its own visual vignette. Each snapshot tells a story and captures a unique way to add character to a room. Every photograph gives a different vibe.

Fashion Illustrator Dallas Shaw | The Everygirl –; Styling a coffee table is a great way to personalize a space. Howeverzip code pillows wholesale, there needs to be balance between space that’s used every day and space taken by decorative items such as flowers, books, memorable pieces, or coasters. Choose an area for these pieces, either off to the side or in the middle so you can still utilize the rest of the space.

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This Weekend | A&;O on the go –; Store all of your samples in a glass jar and put them on display for your friends and family to enjoy. I always end up throwing samples into a drawer but this is a sweet addition to a guest room or bathroom.

Colors 71 | Cocoa and Hearts –;?Don’;t have much room for art on the walls? How about mini inspiration pieces.?They’;ll make your random pile of books, jewelry and keys look like a well-planned diorama.

Glitter Girl: Meg Galligan Of Margaret Elizabeth Jewelry | Glitter Guide –;?What is the point of hiding away your favorite jewelry in a box if nobody can see it? Lay it out on lucite trays so you don’t forget what you have and you’ll be inspired by all the prettiness

Glitter Girl: Samantha Wills | Glitter Guide –;?I used to collect matches but didn’;t have anywhere to put them so I usually lost them all. But storing matches?in a glass box right on the coffee table or dresser is much sexier and convenient than searching for that bulky torch-lighter.

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Years of globe-hopping have not only provided countless design inspirations for Annie, but they’ve also honed a very useful skill: packing for travel. Annie’s got it down to both a science and an art, and today she shares her top tips for packing like a pro for any trip, no matter the season.