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What does your office space look like? Do you work from home and have every gadget you need at your fingertips or is it a creative space where you finish hand-made projects and write thank you notes? Is it both? My current “;office”; is the living room and the most exciting change I can make is switching between the couch or the chair. When Dan and I first started dating he was living in a one bedroom apartment with a small office. It was incredibly nice to have that separate space and I was kinda impressed. He had a nice wooden desk (I think he even had a letter opener!) and a bookshelf overflowing with books. We moved and the desk had to be put in storage and I might have mentioned this before but the bookshelf now takes up half our bedroom closet.

We both would love to have an official office again. Somewhere where we could sit at a desk with our laptops instead of a coffee table. A place to put bills and paperwork (organization boner), and we both would love something creative in our space –; he wants a chalkboard, I would like a cork or fabric covered board to use to pin up inspiration. The strange thing about spending the last two years working in the main living space is that you become?accustomed?to being around everything. Growing up I almost always worked at the kitchen table. I’;m so used to being in the main living area that I kinda don’;t want to have a separate space as an office. Would I like a space for organizing? Yes. Creating and making things? Yes. But I don’;t crave privacy and I like being around Dan while I’;m working. If he’;s playing video games or working from homezip code pillows wholesale, I like being in the same room with him. I don’;t want to feel isolated in a room by myself. I guess we’;ll have to experiment with different office set-ups as we go. What is your ideal environment?for thinking, creating and organizing?

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This is an extraordinary story of a woman, a wife and a mother who proved that she would not stop and deter from her path regardless of the innumerable obstacles. Here is a tale of an utmost determination, undying spirit and the indomitable courage.Mrs. Chand Soni married to an Army captain at the age of 19 years in the year 1969. She is presently 68 years old and it has been a long journey for her since then. She has two children, a son named Sandeep and a daughter, Sonali, both are well settled in their respective professions. Sandeep is an MD of US based MNC while Sonali is a fashion designer and a CSR expert in craft sector. As a mother, Chand Soni had to face lot of challenges to raise her children. She recalls how she used to prepare late night notes for her son due to his college migration.

Hello everyone, it’s Zinia Redo here and today I’d like to share with you an two pieces of watercolor art I created using some of my favorite Tattered Angels products.?I really love using my sprays in fun and interesting ways so instead of spraying on my project, I applied them with a paint brush. This is a very easy way to create watercolor effect without using actual watercolors.