zip code pillows wholesale Spots and Spills on Fabric, Rugs, Clothes- If You Can’t Beat’em, Join’em geometric cushion covers

2019-09-10 17:05:11 custom design gift for mom

We love artist/designer?Dominic Wilcox‘;s fix for red wine spilled on the carpet (below): Don’;t bother trying to get it out…;paint a pattern around it. It gives?us ideas for fixing clothes?and table linens that have impossible-to-remove stains or spots. If you can’;t beat ’;em, join ’;em:?transform them by emphasising the transgressionszip code pillows wholesale, like the boldly blotched??St. Laurent tee shirt, above.

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Dominic Wilcox

This?Chiodorfmeister Shirt with Blue Paint Splatter?is pretty great…;

And we can imagine a tablecloth printed with a wine-circule stained pattern. We imagine having to practice on a rag or piece of paper first, OR we can print using this pattern from Colorbox.

And then there is Virginia del Giudice’;s wonderful technique of embroidering stains she finds on otherwise pristine vintage clothes. She transformed Maria Robledo’;s stained kitchen curtain in one fell swoop:

Sally Schneider


Virginia del Giudice

On the eve of Eid al-Fitr, string up this shimmering?garland of paper?crescent moons and stars.?You can also create a double-garland by making the "Eid Mubarak" Circle Garland pictured right.

A pair of hand-knit mittens should be the universal symbol for wintertime happiness and comfort. (It’s also an instant heirloom: How many an orphaned mitten is cherished long after losing its mate because someone’s nana knit it?)

Whether you're looking for stocking stuffer ideas for your wife, dad, or kids, there's a gift on THIS list for everyone on YOUR list–including great last-minute options.