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This season, we have collaborated with celebrated Australian interior stylist and author, Megan Morton. Megan shares her mathematical approach to colour usage throughout the home with us.

Choose the room, and adjust the levels of colour accordingly whether it be ‘accent a little’zip code pillows wholesale, ‘enhance some more’, or ‘immerse yourself in colour’ approach.Megan has brought her colour theory to life with Sheridan’s seasonal colour tones of dusty pinks and purples. Soft and welcoming, these tones are perfect for the cooler months, but also encapsulates the woodsy, sun-dappled feel of a warmer afternoon.

accent pillow case baby canvas home decor

Use a little amount in one room, be slightly more heavy handed in another and go fuller strength in another without the fear of over-colouring!

1.Accent a little.

A hint, a pop, or touch of Thistle.A few textured towels partnered with a classic white palette add a touch of intrigue.

2. Enhance some more.

Up the ante in your living room.Layer tones of Heather on the lounge with cushions in contrasting textures of Mongolian lamb wool, silks and velvet. Add relief with a floral print and wool throw to soften the edges.

3. Immerse yourself in colour.

All over colour. Work with levels of the hue for variation, and build with florals and feature walls to create impact. Create a moment of white relief with a monogrammed cushion amongst the soft pink immersion.

To know me is to know that I am a collector. I recently moved from New York to Portland, OR, and I’m so excited to be living in a place with yard sales. As a midwesterner, I missed them an awful lot when I was living in Brooklyn (where no one even has a yard, let alone a yard sale!). One of the things that I’ve been collecting for a long time are vintage dishtowels, particularly vintage calendar towels. ?

If you're looking to decorate your home and in particular your entrance hall, what better way to do it than to create a grand Victorian entrance hall. In recent years, many people are choosing popular contemporary and simplistic designs for the entrance halls to their homes but if you choose to go the other way and are looking to move away from the masses in the way that most people decorate their home, Victorian décor really adds depth and atmosphere to your residence.

Providing the paint colors used in Ballard Designs catalogs can be difficult, because we constantly shoot at actual homes that have been painted by their owners. However, our team of stylists has chosen paint colors that are as close to the actual wall colors as we could find. These colors will blend with our furniture, accessories and fabric.